HomeBay Reviews

Since launching less than a year ago, HomeBay has helped sellers save nearly $2 million.

Here's what some of our recent home sellers are saying...

Mauren of Mill Valley, CA

Maureen from Mill Valley, CA Saved $35,850

"HomeBay’s team is fabulous. You listened to me and you have such experienced people who double check every aspect of the sale, which is super helpful."

When I asked Maureen if she'd use HomeBay again, she said, "Absolutely, and I’ll recommend the service to people as well. I would always use it for my investment properties."

Jessica of Redondo Beach, CA

Jessica from Redondo Beach, CA Saved $60,000

"I highly recommend selling your home through HomeBay, if you are prepared to put in the time and do the work required." said Jessica.

Her plans for the money she saved? "We kept $60,000.00 in commission and bought a plot of land in Arizona. We're building our dream home - and we're not planning on selling this one!"

Gary of San Rafael

Gary from San Rafael, CA Saved $33,000

"Using HomeBay is like having a coach that holds your hand throughout the entire selling process. It's not intrusive support, but if you need a little extra help, HomeBay is there for you. The information they give you is true and honest and the customer service is remarkable," said Gary. "If I had to describe HomeBay in one word - I'd choose spectacular."

Melisa of El Cajon

Melisa from El Cajon, CA Saved $14,220

"The biggest benefit was all the money we saved. You literally save thousands of dollars using HomeBay and they are very helpful and knowledgeable [throughout the process]. We're putting a majority of our money savings into our daughter's college fund."

Shishir of Irvine

Shishir from Irvine, CA Saved $36,450

"Saving the sales commission was huge because my house sold for $1.38 million. The other big benefit was being able to show my own property. Owners know their property better than anyone. By showing my own home, I was able to show potential buyers all the upgrades and details that went into the house. A realtor couldn't have done it any better."

Nadia of El Dorado Hills

Nadia from El Dorado Hills, CA Saved $17,850

"In addition to cost savings, which is the obvious benefit, the support is phenomenal. Everyone I worked with at HomeBay was so great. They were available to answer all the questions I had throughout the process."

When we asked Nadia if she'd use HomeBay again, she said. "Absolutely - absolutely. I’m recommending you to all of my friends in the area. I'm telling anyone who will listen. I give you a 10/10."